“Note 2855787 or client experience in special way”

"Note 2855787 or client experience in our way" Calculation of AP

Without waiting for the end of support in 2025 SAP ERP HCM, vendor in the new note 2855787 – HR-RU: Support of inactive “113-F”
(TAXDT q OFF) actually says that if you want to receive legislative updates, you need to activate the functionality of TAXDT, otherwise support will not be provided:

“SAP’s official position on supporting the standard HCM-RU solution (PY, reporting, etc.) With the inactive functionality of 113-F (TAXDT option) : The solution is to comply with the requirements of federal law announced in FH 113. In accordance with the nature of the legal changes (salary approach, salary cluster data format and reporting) , they can be implemented by option (TAXDT switch), which is to disable the new solution in order to adapt to new changes in the salary scheme, driver calculation and rules, along with other objects or processes. However, SAP is the default option to work with TAXDT enabled; this implies that all new development and further maintenance of the solution are planned with only TAXDTincluded. The payroll results and reports with the TAXDT off do not correspond to what we consider to be compliant with the law.”


“There is an official SAP position concerning the maintenance of standard HCM-RU solution (PY, reporting etc.) with inactive 113-F (TAXDT option) functionality: The solution is to cope with the Federal Legal Change announced in Law 113-F. As per the nature of the Legal Change (payroll calculation approach, format of payroll cluster data and reporting), this is delivered with the option (TAXDT switch) which consists on switching off the new solution with the aim to adjust to the new changes your payroll schemas, driver and rules – among other objects or processes. However, SAP default option is to work with TAXDT switched ON; It implies, all new developments and further maintenance of the solution is planned considering TAXDT switch is on only. Both, payroll results and reporting with TAXDT switched off do not fit into what we consider legally compliant”




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