Entering single payments

Entering single payments

To enter single payment data, you must run transaction PA30 – Maintain personnel master data.

    1. Start transaction PA30-Maintain personnel master data from the user’s menu by double-clicking the mouse.

    1. To start a transaction via the command line, Enter the transaction code PA30 and press the icon or enterkey.

The “maintain master data of personnel” screen is displayed, which requires:

  1. In the personnel number field, enter the personnel number of the employee.
  2. In theperiodsection, enter the date that you assign the payment to the employee inthefrom-to fields.
  3. In the info type field, enter the InfoType number. To enter the data of one-time payments- info-type 0015 (Info-type can be selected from the directory).
  4. In the View field, specify the subtype of the InfoType (the subtype can be selected from the directory). For InfoType 0015 “additional payment”, subtypes will be the types of payments (payments) that are assigned to the employee.
  5. Click the “create” icon.

The system will display a window for creating an entry in the “additional payment” InfoType.

  1. The Payment type field will be filled in automatically by the InfoType subtype selected on the previous screen. If the payment type on the previous screen was not selected, select the desired value from the directory.
  2. Depending on the type of payment you choose, you can enter a payment in monetary or percentage terms. If the surcharge you are assigning has a monetary expression, enter the amount of the surcharge in the Amount field. If the surcharge has a percentage, enter a value in the numberfield. The term “RUB” or “percentage” is filled automatically by the system, if the surcharge has a different expression, select it from the directory.
  3. Thedate of occurrencefield will be filled in automatically with the date entered on the previous screen. If the date has not been entered, enter the payment dates.
  4. In theassignment numberfield, enter the number of the order or other payment assignment document, if necessary.
  5. After you have entered all the data, click the Save button.

  1. To see all one-time payments to a worker, select the info-type 0015 “additional Payment” and click the “Browse” button. You must leave the View field blank and set the period to all.

A list of all single payments to the worker will be displayed.

Please note that the surcharge is created in a locked “” and the payroll is only checked and unlocked by the responsible employee.

  1. To unblock a surcharge, select the entry and click the Unblock button.

Entering single payments

  1. On the screen “Release additional payment” that opens, click the “Save” button.

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